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Cross Country – Thursday 1st October 2015

This years cross country was hard and tiring, with eight schools and over 300 children; most of who completed this extreme challenge. The surprising length of the course shocked most adults that showed up to watch their children compete. The majority of the schools’ children finished although the distance year 3s and 4s had to run was 500 metres. Year 5 and 6 had to run 1 km round the Alford cricket field. All the runners impressed the adults. The large school winner was Wood hall Spa and the small school winner Great Steeping. But all the children at St.Helana’s were fantastic and did their best.

Aneurin Burnby Crouch

Year 6

Scunthorpe Kids of Steel Triathlon

Today is May 19th, day of the triathlon. Me (Eden Mason), Ryan Gowler, Jacob Brown and Josh Allen have accepted the challenge of swimming, biking and running. On the way there it was a long journey because we had to travel to the pods in Scunthorpe. We got there at about quarter past eleven and saw a Lamborghini in frost white on the way there.

The pods looked like loads of very small domes, but on the inside they were massive. Our group was the smallest there, others had up to 50 people in a group. When we arrived we were provided with a bright blue swimming cap and a cool t-shirt.

15 minutes later, it was triathlon time, it started as swimming then biking and for the last part of the race it was running. When we started the swimming we were at the back of the line, this meant that we were last in the pool. As we waited the rising heat from the pool was getting to our heads. We had to swim 50 meters!

After we managed the swim, overtaking lots of people, we got changed ready for the biking. This time we had to bike 1000m, but it was cold and raining outside and our legs were going red, especially Ryan’s. Running outside to the bike area, we were given a bike and a helmet. Once we were on the bike, we did two laps, overtaking even more people. Our legs aching and feeling cold and tired, we still had the run to complete.

Last of all we had to do running, which was 500m, with our red and aching legs. The run was really tough, the rain still beating down while the wind blew hard. Finally the end was in sight as we ran to collect our medals. After a warm relaxing shower, we got changed and had our lunch. Finally time to go home. A good day had by all!

By Eden Mason and Jacob Brown